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Welcome to Digital Amp Co.  Unlike the competition, our amplifiers are not based on pre-fabricated modules. Instead, we design everything from the ground up, component-by-component, using our super-high-performance proprietary and patented technology. We sell direct to give you the ultimate listening experience.  Our products are power efficient and Made in the USA.

New Product

Cherry MONO
The Cherry MONOs have even better performance than a comparable stereo unit when driven only out of one channel. Aside from the usual benefit of running monoblocks, such as near perfect channel separation, you also get lower distortion, even lower noise (!), and higher power (ULTRA version).

Quick Review

Cherry ULTRA
There is no doubt in my mind that the DAC Cherry Ultra stereo amplifier is the best example of a high-end Class "D" amplifier I have had the pleasure of hearing. This amplifier impressed me in so many ways. It is fast, clean, and dynamic, it runs ice cold, and is also very quiet.

Built to Order

Personalized & Audiophile
Every amplifier comes built to YOUR specifications! Choose the level of amplifier, standard or ULTRA. Don't like the faceplate color? Choose a color that matches your existing stereo system. You like choice and so do we.